Bangkit is a career readiness program designed by Google with full support from GoTo, Traveloka and Deeptech Foundation. This program is also part of Kampus Merdeka - Studi Independen Bersertifikat.

Core Team

Dora Songco
Program Owner

Mutiara Arumsari
ID Program Manager

Adrianus Yoza Aprilio
Learning Support Manager

Deti Anggraeni
Cohort Manager

Our Vision

Deliver a structured, high quality, training program to produce high-calibre graduates for world-class technology companies and startups.

Bangkit History

Indonesia is already the biggest digital powerhouse in Southeast Asia (SEA). In 2030 our Gross Market Value (GMV) alone could be 2 times of South East Asia’s today. (Google e-Conomy SEA Report, 2021). In turn, fast-growing tech companies need more qualified IT graduates than ever.

However, amid this upswing in key growth drivers, talents continue to be a challenge. Additional in-demand skills are needed to enter industry.

Therefore, Bangkit came forward as a digital talent development program in 2020, driven by Google and organized in cooperation with Gojek, Tokopedia, and Traveloka as our Founding Partners.

Since 2020 Bangkit has trained more than 6,000 Indonesians in the field of machine learning, mobile development, and cloud computing. Many of our graduates have landed careers in various companies, ranging from startup, national company, and unicorn.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology later embraced Bangkit as Kampus Merdeka in 2021. Their support enabled us to reach out 10x participants compared to previous year, with a far more powerful impact to all our graduates.

These achievements could not have been obtained without the involvement of the contributors.

Principles and Learning Paths

This educational program is guided by three (3) principles which are:

The Learning Paths:

also equipped with soft skills and English


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