Contributor Experience

Bangkit 2022 Contributors Overview

Contributors have played important roles since 2020 in Bangkit. They embody the “industry-led” principle of Bangkit.
Total of
580 contributors from 15 countries and 217+ institutions took part in Bangkit (2020-2022 stats).
Total of
2,600 live lecturing sessions were delivered by our contributors throughout the Bangkit.

Tech skills session included machine learning, mobile development, and cloud computing, while soft skills sessions comprised of effective communication, persuasive leadership, business finance, and digital branding, among others.

Industry Partners contributors accounted for 25% (434 sessions), University Partners accounted for 13% (222 sessions), and non-partner companies and universities accounted for 62% (1053 sessions).

In addition to the live lecturing session, contributors also played a role as Advisor to 483 teams in their final projects. Advisor guided them to implement their plan towards solving real-life challenges in Indonesia such as accessibility issues, waste management, forest preservation, and so on.

Contributors' participation shows that they are an inseparable part of Bangkit. Transfer of knowledge and real-world expertise to students really made a difference.

Contributors Impact

Bangkit aims to provide impactful learning experiences for students in Indonesia, regardless of their background.
The Contributor's role made it happen. The qualitative feedbacks given by students in our anonymous post-class survey report (anonymous) were as follows:

“The material and also the instructors really inspire me. All these things already make me feel blessed for joining Bangkit. I don't have anything to say, but thanks!”

- student from Career Development / Soft Skills class -

“To be honest, the instructors were cool! They explained the materials pretty clearly and in such an energizing spirit. It added extra excitement!”

- student from Mobile Development class -

“I really appreciate the way our volunteers gave us positive energy and encouraged us to learn more. I'm excited to do more by myself.”

- student from Machine Learning class -

Contributors Impact to Students


students graduate from
Bangkit 2020 - 2022


capstone projects are under incubation


graduates found work/internships
in relevant field

Bangkit Employement Phase Survey 2021 - 2022 n: 2,8k

Contributors Experience

We gathered feedback from hundreds of 2022 contributors and around 87% of them said they would like to contribute again next year.
This high contributor spirit is also seen in some heartwarming responses below.

Contributors Story

Please read some of our contributors' story

Yuanita Intan Paramitasari is a Bangkit 2020 graduate. Her radiant personality shines through as she coaches Soft Skill Class in Bangkit this year. Time flies when she delivers a session, thanks to her burst of energy and ...

Living in a fast-paced world like these days, yet Dicky Satriawan (24), one of Bangkit 2021 contributors, still had to struggle about the internet connection in his village, Pakah, Mantingan districts, in Ngawi, ...