Newsletter Vol 01 - Mar 9, 2023

Are You Ready to Contribute to BIGGER Bangkit? 

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Dear Contributors,

Welcome to the BIGGER Bangkit and we’re glad to see your eagerness in contributing to this Indonesian digital movement. 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻

We believe that your hands-on experience in the industry and educational institutions will make these young future tech talents more than just ready to give back to the community through technology. 🖱️

To support you in times of sharing your knowledge with cohorts, we will present this contributor newsletter once a month. This monthly bulletin will include important updates, reminders, and inspirational stories so that you can understand that your dedication helps inspiring figures born. 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓

Here are some important updates you need to know for this week:

#1 Bangkit 2023 Opening Ceremony: An Official Welcome

Taking place more than two weeks ago, the atmosphere of the Bangkit 2023 Opening Ceremony hasn’t faded away yet. The students were excited to start their learning journey in Bangkit and we hope that you were also thrilled to see them in class. 🎒

To reminisce about the Bangkit 2023 Opening Ceremony, let’s see the following updates!

From that event, we can see that Bangkit has been helping future tech talents hone their skills to the maximum capacity since three years ago. And this year, we believe that you can help us produce more high-caliber talents who are ready to contribute to the industry and society. 👍🏻

#2 Demographics of Bangkit 2023 Cohorts

You might have seen your cohorts in the past two weeks. However, we believe that you’ll know your students better if you are familiar with their broad backgrounds. 🌏

So, here it is. The demographics of Bangkit 2023 Cohorts:

From the data above, we can see that Bangkit consists of diverse students united by the same spirit of taking themselves to the next level. So, this is the best opportunity for you to distribute your knowledge to students coming from different cultural backgrounds and areas in Indonesia. 🙌🏻

#3 Company-Based Capstone Project is Back! 

After being successfully carried out in Bangkit 2022, the Company-Based Capstone Project is back to help students implement their skills on the final project brought by partner companies. 🏢

To find out more about this kind of capstone project, let’s read the following details:

If your company is interested to help our future digital talent to be a reliable IT developer, please sign your firm up! For more information about this Company-Based Capstone Project, please visit 👈🏻

*We are open for a session to explain further about this offer, please email to request this session. 

#4 Let’s Post #LifeAtBangkit on Social Media

Have you ever found the students’ posts on social media telling about their Bangkit journey and using the hashtag #lifeatbangkit? 📥

Yes, that #lifeatbangkit challenge also applies to you, as Bangkit 2023 Contributors. 🫵🏻

Let’s show the world that you’re contributing to the coolest career-ready program on earth by joining this challenge:

Here are the steps:

The 3 (three) most exciting posts will be featured in this monthly newsletter.

Grab this chance to show the world that your contributions matter to the Indonesian digital sector. 📣

#5 Meet Rendy Mahaputra, a Bangkit 2022 Graduate Who Led His Team to Get an IDR 140 Million Incubation Fund

We want to assure you that your cohorts in Bangkit are special. They might come from different cultural backgrounds, but they are united by the same spirit of success. One of the Bangkit Alums that adopt this spirit is Rendy Mahaputra and you may find a figure like this in your class. 🏆

Rendy Mahaputra is the leader of GluCare, one of the Top 15 Product-Based Capstone Projects in Bangkit 2022. His team made it in defeating the other 422 teams. 💪🏻

Glucare was born when Rendy saw that diabetes is Indonesia’s third cause of death. He then created this app that can early detect this disease through the eyes. His perseverance led him and his teammates from 3 (three) different universities to achieve IDR 140 Million incubation fund and expert mentorship from Google and DRTPM Dikti. 💸

“Do your best in the capstone project. If you and your team take it seriously, good results will eventually follow.”

Read the full story of Rendy Mahaputra on!

We do appreciate your dedication to Bangkit. Your patience in shaping students into good tech talent is a priceless act of kindness. We hope that you can survive and prove yourself as a well-dedicated contributor in Bangkit 2023, as Randy Jusuf said:

This is your moment to fight, to shine, and to prove yourself.”
(Randy Jusuf, Managing Director of Google Indonesia)

Don’t forget to check this Contributor Portal frequently.
Keep the Bangkit spirit and stay safe!
Bangkit Team