Call for Instructor Bangkit 2024 Batch 2

Our Expectations for Instructor

We hope instructors can create a positive learning atmosphere and continuously improve, ensuring an exceptional educational journey for our students. Instructors are encouraged to share their insights, best practices, and relevant experiences during the ILT sessions.

Instructor Expertise Requirements

Tech - Android/Mobile Development

Tech - Machine Learning

Tech - Cloud Computing

Soft Skills

Additional Expertise: Artificial Intelligence

As Bangkit 2024 integrates AI material into each Learning Path, we enthusiastically welcome instructors with knowledge and experience in the field of AI.

Bangkit 2024 Instructor Timeline

Curriculum Overview

Tech Skills Topic

Soft Skills Topic

Contributors Rewards

Cash Allowance

IDR 500,000/per taught session, (Tax will be deducted from the received funds)

*  You may opt out
and swap to other
non-monetary benefits

Free Study Access

to a range of classes in Dicoding and Coursera

Materials & Courses
from the learning path taught

Written Recognition

Certificate and recognition letter to active contributors 

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