Newsletter Vol 02 - May 28, 2024

Your Students Will Be Deployed to the “Battlefield”   

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Dear Contributors,

It’s been the 15th week since you “forged” the students with the knowledge necessary to make them career-ready talents. However, before they take the plunge into the industry, they must be deployed to the “battlefield” of the Capstone Project. 🪖

Yes, your students are getting ready for their Capstone Project. 🥳

The best support you can give your students is your experience handling product development from end to end or managing projects. It would be practical for them. 💡

Good luck guiding your students. Here are some essential points you need to know for this week:

#1 Bangkit 2024 Batch 2 Registration is Open!

Registrations for Bangkit Batch 2 are officially open! Let's join hands in spreading the word and aim to achieve our goal of 4,500 participants. Your support in spreading awareness about this program would be significantly appreciated 🙏

Here’s how you can contribute:

As a token of appreciation, we’ll also prepare additional merch, a “Bangkit Shopping Bag,” for you. 🥳  Kindly confirm your participation by filling out this content confirmation form.

Thank you for your support and dedication. Let's make Bangkit 2024 Batch 2 an extraordinary journey together! 🙏

#2 Contributor Incentive in May

Dear Contributors & Mentors, we have successfully transferred the monetary benefits to you for May. 💰

As promised, we have disbursed the contributor incentives:

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your excellent delivery and unwavering support in enriching the learning experience for Bangkit students. 💗

#3 Contributor Rewards Information

Your dedication and encouragement for the students are priceless,  and no amount of gratitude can truly express our appreciation. 🙏

As promised, we're thrilled to offer merchandise to show appreciation for your contributions. However, we regret that we cannot ship Bangkit merchandise to contributors overseas due to operational and logistical constraints. Unless you provide an Indonesian address, we'll send the merchandise there to ensure smooth delivery. 📦

Please find the details about the merchandise in the document below:👇🏻

✅ For the mentor, you may check the rewards system here
For the contributor, you may check the rewards system here 

#4 Mentoring Sessions with Capstone Team

Advisors welcome to the Capstone Project phase! 🙌

It's time for you to share your knowledge and expertise with our Capstone Teams. We appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm for guiding our students through this crucial stage of their Bangkit journey. 🧠

As we've already conducted onboarding sessions, it's now essential for you to schedule your mentoring sessions with the teams during the respective Capstone Tracks: 👇

Please ensure to coordinate with your assigned teams and schedule the mentoring sessions accordingly.

After each session, kindly fill out the Post Mentoring Feedback form to confirm the completion of the session and facilitate the incentive process. 🖱️

Keep the enthusiasm up, Advisors, for the mentoring session! 🌟

If you encounter any issues with your mentoring session process, please contact the Bangkit Team immediately. 😉

#5 Meet Kenrick Tandrian, A Bangkit Graduate Who Became a Current Bangkit Instructor!

Everyone can dream, but not everyone can keep their dreams alive. Kenrick Tandrian (22), an Information System graduate from Universitas Pelita Harapan, was determined to do the second thing. 🔥

Kenrick’s interest in Cloud Computing grew from his fascination with web design. It encouraged Kenrick to sign up for Bangkit 2022 and pick the above path. 👨‍💻

Persevering in 900 hours of learning, Kenrick graduated with distinction and earned the highest point in Bangkit 2022. It didn’t stop there. Kenrick was also part of a team that got into the top product-based capstone project, deserving IDR 140 million incubation funds from Google and Dikti. 💵

Bangkit is more than just a place to learn. This program can bridge us with opportunities we’ve never considered.” ✨

After Kenrick passed the Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam, he was hired by Google Indonesia as a Cloud Technical Resident, and now, he is one of the Bangkit instructors.

Read Kenrick’s full story here. 👈 

Thank you for broadening your student’s horizons regarding tech and soft skills relevant to their future. We believe that they are ready to implement them in the capstone project. Yes, they can do it, just as Kenrick said:

Again, Bangkit could bring us to a place we never dared to dream of. So if you can dream it, then you can do it!
(Kenrick Tandrian, Bangkit 2024 Instructor)

Don’t forget to check this Contributor Portal frequently.

Keep the Bangkit spirit and stay safe!

Bangkit Team